Monday, July 19, 2010

Blue Hole in Wimberley, TX

On Tuesday of our trip we floated the Guadalupe River. I did not take a camera, therefore, I don't have any pictures. We floated for five hours and enjoyed every bit of it! Kade really liked the float, but Layton wasn't too keen on the ICE COLD water. The river had recently flooded the area and it was very sad to see the devastation it left behind. There were camper trailers and busses wrapped around trees!

On Wednesday we headed back home, but not before we stopped in Wimberley at Blue Hole. Chris really wanted us to visit the spot, because she has so many childhood memories of the place, such as learning to swim there and just hanging out with her family. It was such a neat place that everyone should experience! I think the pictures and videos will tell you why.

As you walk down the hill you are greeted by a river lined with huge trees and a large grassy area.

Getting ready to float and relax.

The gang relaxing.

Mama Chris & Dennis



A & Kade

The water was really clear, so Kade did some exploring with his goggles.

Layton & Clint floating

Now the fun begins! There were two HUGE trees that you could swing from and land in the water.

Kade climbing up the tree and some girls helping him get the rope.

Gettin' ready!

Just a swingin'


Here is a video of Kade.

Clint couldn't resist. He had to try it out, too!

A video of Clint

Even Dennis had to try the tree out! (Dennis, Chris gave me permission to post this!)

Before we left to go home we had a REAL picnic in the grassy area. It was a lot of fun! Layton and Dennis played a game with shells that the kids found in the water.

Once we returned we needed a vacation from our vacation! We had a great time and look forward to many more vacations together.


  1. Looks fun and peaceful. Glad you have made so many new memories this summer.

  2. Too fun!! The water actually looks greenish- blue! Was it?