Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter 2010

The boys had three Easter egg hunts this year. Layton had one at Miz Carol's, his preschool, and Kade had one with 2nd grade. The church also had an egg hunt, but I was unable to attend and forgot to send the camera with Clint.

Layton at his preschool egg hunt.

Kade at his 2nd grade egg hunt.

Video of Layton hunting eggs. This video is approximately 1 minute. It is worth watching, especially if you are a grandparent, because this kid is quite the Easter egg hunter! You can hear me laughing towards the end, because he was cracking me up. Layton is the one in the gray jacket and cowboy boots.

I read a blog recently that talked about an Easter Bunny tradition, much like that of Santa Clause. The kids put their Easter baskets/buckets on the porch the night before Easter, so that the Easter Bunny can fill them with goodies. I thought it sounded fun, so the boys and I did just that this Easter. I hope to make it a tradition for our family.

Kade & Layton sitting their Easter baskets out on Saturday night.
Here is a video of the boys on Easter morning going out to look at what the Easter Bunny left them. They had just gotten up, or so that is what I'm telling myself, because they didn't act too excited about their gifts! Please excuse my "hick" voice. Also, macaroni and cheese is mentioned as a gift. The bunny found Spiderman mac and cheese for Layton and Pokemon mac and cheese for Kade.

Here we are before church. We couldn't get it together, as you can tell.
Here we are after church. Skye came home with us, so she took the group picture.

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  1. Love the Easter Pics! And we also do the Easter Bunny each year, you will have to check out what the bunny left the kids this year. Easter Bunny got really creative ;) Those traditions the boys will remember for a lifetime as will you and Clint!