Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday!

We had the joy of attending Clint's great-grandmother's 100th birthday party in early November.  Elsie Lasley, Nanny, turned 100 years old on November 4, 2010.  She is a very special lady and has touched many lives, as you can see from the large family picture.  It was fun seeing everyone!

Nanny's favorite color is pink, so we all wore pink.

Here are some pics of Nanny from past years.

At our wedding.  She has on pink!

Nanny & Kade

Clint, Layton, Nanny & Kade

Kade was letting Nanny wear his coon skin hat!

While we were in Stratford for Nanny's birthday we were able to play with cousins!

Kade, H and Layton playing the World's Smallest Bowling Match.

Layton, K & K


  1. That is so amazing!! Happy 100th! I like your cute top you have on!

  2. What a wonderful celebration. I am sure Nanny has lots of great stories to tell. Nanny also looks great!-What is her secret to longevity?