Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Bulls - Layton Baseball

Clint and I coached Layton's coach pitch team this year.  It was his first year to play baseball and he loved it!  Our team was called The Bulls.  Layton is a hustler!  He wanted the baseball--he would run from third base to right field just to get it.

Funny story:  One game when Layton finished batting, ran the bases (we tried to have them only progress one base at a time), and crossed home, he came in the dugout, got his glove and hat, then went back out and played at the pitching mound for the other team.  Clint and I didn't even see him do it.  The other team's coach was teasing him about being a trader.  

 Layton is on the bottom of this pile.  He has the ball!

Fighting a girl for the ball!  I bet she won.  She is the only girl in a family of four boys!

You get three pitches from the coach.  If you miss it all three times, you hit off of a tee.

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