Sunday, July 3, 2011

Texas Rangers Game

When we went to DFW on our mini-vacation we also caught a Texas Rangers game.  Clint had been to a game or two before, but the boys and I had never been.  

We first went to the stadium to take a tour. 

We had a good view of Cowboys Stadium.

 These are the entrances to the suites.

In the tunnel where the players, umps, etc. walk around and get from place to place.

Batting practice.  That is Josh Hamilton.  There was a little boy in the cage playing around and Hamilton sat and watched him and told him how good he was doing.

Kade and Clint in the dugout.

We then went back at 7p.m. and caught the game.  Texas Rangers vs. the New York Mets.  The Rangers won!

Dirk Nowitzki (NBA MVP) threw out the first pitch.

Kinsler.  We had awesome seats.  We were 7 rows up from home plate.


 If you look on the first row, you can see President Bush in the green shirt and Nolan Ryan right next to him.  We were maybe 25 yards away from them!

After the game they shot fireworks. 

We had a great time and look forward to going back one day.


  1. That is Cool! We LOVE the Rangers Games! We always go to the Willie Mays suite(that is the John Deere suite) We have 3 games this year to go to! We just went on Saturday, sadly they lost ;) Also, just FYI, if you go to a Sunday game, the kids get to run the bases after the game. We did that back in May and Brilee and Brenn thought that was just awesome! Go Rangers!!

  2. How FUN! Wow, what GREAT seats-Did you get them from Farmer's? That's where their seats usually are. We have never taken the tour, but that is a great idea.
    Josh Hamilton will probably never know the impact he made on that young boy-& what a role model!
    Glad you all had a fun time!