Thursday, September 20, 2012

Layton is 6!

Layton turned 6 years old on August 15!  I sure can not believe how fast these six years have flown by.  I still remember the day he came into our life, just like it was yesterday.  He is one of the funniest kids I know and everyone tells me the same.  Love you to the moon and back, times infinity, Layton!

 We were in WF on the 15th, so we celebrated at El Fenix during lunch.  Kade, secretly, told the waiter that it was Layton's birthday.  Layton was completely shocked when the wait staff came out to sing to him.  It was priceless!

Of course, Kade had to try the hat on too!

My kids didn't plan their birthday arrivals too well, especially being a teacher's kid!  Kade's is during Spring Break and Layton's is always the week of teacher inservice.  So, they usually don't get much of a party.  Layton even picked out his own cake and his birthday presents!

My sister, Skye, gave Layton $100 in $1 bills.  He thought he was super rich!


  1. Happy Birthday Layton! Your boys seem to be such opposites.....a little Sunday and a little Clint I am suspecting. I know they are both a lot of fun and you always have such fun things for them (pet raccoons and all). On a side note I can see that you have been busy on your house...I loved the striped wall and your kitchen island looks different. It all looks great, but now I am hungry for more pictures! :-)

  2. What an absolute cutie!! And we share the same birthday as well! Happy belated b-day to Layton!