Monday, May 18, 2009

First Grade Spring Performance

Kade had his First Grade Spring Performance on Thursday, May 7. The first grade performed songs on stage that honored both moms (Mother's Day) and dads (Father's Day). They were very cute and Kade did a wonderful job. After the performance we visited his classroom to see what all he had made for us. We then had lunch with him. Clint and I both got a kick out of the drawings he did of us.

Kade after his singing performance.
"My mom's name is Sunday McAdams. She is 30 years old. My mom works at SHS. My mom is as pretty as butterflies. She is funny when she exercises. She really likes to bake, and she is very good at pizza. My mom is smart! She even knows how to make a shirt. I'd like to tell my mom that I love her more than anything."

"My dad's name is Clint. He is 31 years old. My dad works at the shop. He is as handsome as shining apples. He is funny when he dances. He really likes to weld, and he is very good at it. my dad is smart! He even knows how to cut letters out of wood. I'd like to tell my dad he is the best dad ever"

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