Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Layton!

We celebrated Layton's 4th birthday on his actual birthday, August 15.  I threw it together in a matter of about two days, so it was definitely not the best party, but Layton had a blast and that's what matters!  We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch and then had delicious cake and ice cream.  Layton wanted a Batman party this year, so that is what we had!

My camera is not working properly, as you can tell in all of my pictures.

The Batman Cake

Layton, proud of his cake.

Layton got so embarrassed when we sang to him.

I put trick candles on the cake, the ones that relight.  Only one worked it's magic, though.

Layton was so excited about all his gifts.

He loves clothes!  

Layton and Tyler

The Batman pinata.  Layton had put a #4 on his belly, because he claimed it was Batman's birthday, too.

The pinata was put together very well, so it took awhile to bust it.

Once the pinata had been busted Layton put Batman's legs on and walked in them!

Layton, we have so much fun with you each and every day and love you so much!

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