Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long Distance Friends

In July, a college friend, T, and I were able to see each other for the first time in approximately 10 years!  It was so exciting to catch up and meet her children.  They live in Colorado, where T and her husband are school teachers in a small community.  We have a lot in common, so it was fun to visit.  T is one of the sweetest, most geunine people you will ever meet and her kids are absolute dolls!  Our kids hit it right off and enjoyed an afternoon of swimming at the Iowa Park Splash Park.

T, if you read this, thanks again for getting our fun day together.  I hope we can see each other again soon!  Hope you guys are having a great school year, so far.

Kade was so sweet and offered to take a picture, so that T and I both could be in it.

Kade & C

Layton & C

Right before we decided to leave the pool I reapplied some sunscreen on Kade.  It was the same sunscreen he has always used, plus we even used it that same day when we first arrived at the pool.  It instantly turned his cheeks bright red upon the reapplication.  It, of course, began to burn and he was crying, etc.  We put wet towels on it and he put his face up to the air vent in the car, so that cool air could blow on it.  The pictures below are two days after the incident.  I was terrified it was going to scar, so we put Mederma on it and it looks just fine now.  All I can figure is that the saltwater pool at Iowa Park just didn't set well with the second round of sunscreen.  I felt so sorry for Kade!

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