Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Big Day

U.I.L. is a big thing in our house and I pushed Kade to try out for as many events as he could.  In third grade there are four events, so let's just say that we did lots of practicing from October til December 9, the big U.I.L. day.  He tried out for all four events and ended up making the final cut in three of them.  He participated in Creative Writing, Music Memory and Storytelling.  He did not make Spelling.  He only placed in one event, but he placed big...he received 1st place in Storytelling.  I was nervous since he placed 1st last year, too, that he would have the big head this year, but he didn't.  He knew he had to work hard again at it.  There were six schools that participated, so that means he went up against 17 other kids!

I coach 5th & 6th grade U.I.L. Oral Reading and had a great bunch of kids this year.  I had first and second place in 5th grade and first, second and fifth place in 6th grade.  I was so proud of the kiddos and their hard work.


December 9 was also the town's Christmas parade.  Here is a pic of Kade, N, and Layton riding on the fire truck in the parade.

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