Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Groovy Birthday Party!

Kade was recently invited to one of the cutest birthday parties we have ever been to!  I wish I would have taken pics of all the decorations and activities  The birthday theme was the 70's and the invitation asked that you dress the part.  There was even a costume contest for the best dressed boy and girl.  Guess who won the boys' best dressed prize?

Kade a.k.a Ziggy 
When you entered the party you got a name tag with your 70's name--Kade picked out Ziggy.  I teased the birthday girl's mom asking her if she had name tags with Sunday, Sommer and Skye---she had a Skye (those are the names of my sisters, if you aren't familiar with my family)!

Ziggy received a "groovy" top hat as his best dressed boy prize (all the kids voted on this award).  He also is holding a cup of candy.  He won that in a guessing contest--had to guess the number of candies in the cup.  Almost all of the kids invited walked away with a cup of candy!

Kade wore an outfit that my mom has had in her attic for years.  I even wore the outfit at one time when it was Nerd Day at school!  Mom thinks it belonged to my Aunt Linda.  Kade was so funny when he first tried it on.  He is skinny for an eight year old, but these pants almost fit him perfect.  I explained to him that Aunt Linda or whoever was in high school probably when they wore this outfit.  He made the comment that he now knows why adults are always complaining about being fat.  He said if they were expected to wear tiny clothes like that, it's no wonder they think they are fat!

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