Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dr. Seuss - Crazy Hat Day

Kade's elementary school celebrated Dr. Seuss day on March 2 (he would have been 107!).  They were allowed to wear crazy hats.  Kade chose the hat Clint and I received from running in The Warrior Dash.  He said all the kids thought it was cool!

N & Kade


  1. Cool hat! Can you believe the school year is almost over??

  2. My camera is fancy to me, but wouldn't be to ANYone else. It's the same Canon Cody gave me for Christmas in 09. I read on several blogs about taking pictures and using the "m" or manual mode instead of automatic. It pulls the light in the room without using the flash and gives a much more realistic pictures. I first tried it on my chandelier makeover pictures. It usually doesn't work well outside because there is TOO much light and it usually makes the picture solid white; however, I was able to get enough shade in some of them that it popped out their darker features (white-ish pictures). Everything else was shot in automatic mode. I'll try to find the blog post I learned this from.
    Have a great week!

  3. Ah, ha! Here it is: