Friday, March 4, 2011

Valentine Parties 2011

Kade's party was on Friday, February 11.  I was unable to attend, because I was in Austin at a conference. So, Babers and Pa-Paw went.  I did help Kade with his Valentine box, however, before I left.  You will notice in the Valentine video below he went with an owl theme.  He even put one of those owls that people hang outside (to scare off other animals) inside his box.  So, anytime someone dropped a card in, it would HOOT!  Kade is so creative.

Layton's party wasn't until Monday, February 21.  He had a great time, of course!  Layton signed his own name to all of his Valentine cards, which is a huge thing.  He wanted each of his signatures to be a surprise to me, so he would not let me help or watch him.  After each signing he would tell me, "You can pat me on the back, now."  He was so proud of himself!

The boys received tons of Valentine goodies from grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, great-aunts & uncles.  They are sure lucky to have all of y'all!

I hope you enjoy this Animoto video.  I taught my 6th graders how to use this awesome, free video tool this week and thought I would see how it looks embedded on my blog.  If you have something to sell on Craigslist, these videos work great!  You might want to let it buffer first, so you don't have to watch and then wait, etc.

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