Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mr. President

At the end of 3rd grade Kade was honored with his classmates voting him a spot on the Seymour Elementary School Student Leadership Team, which is like student council.  The SLT is made up of 10 fourth graders.  There are 6 girls and 4 boys this year.  In October of this year the members were asked which office they would like to run for.  Kade chose president, as did two other students.  Other students chose vice-president, secretary and reporter to run for.  The members had to create campaign posters, write an essay and give a speech to their peers.  It was a neat process and I know Kade learned a lot.

Here are two of Kade's three campaign posters.  Clint helped Kade create the posters.  He definitely gets Daddy of the Decade for that!  We went with a McDonald's type theme.  The one directly below has Layton as the bodyguard (Secret Service) and Kade as President in front of the the White House.  (you can click on the pictures to make them open up bigger)

Kade at the podium ready to give his speech.  He volunteered to go first out of nine other kids giving speeches!  I was proud of him for that, but so nervous at the same time.

Here is a video of his speech.  He did a great job!

Did he win the office of President?  YES!  He was so excited about the honor!


  1. That was TOO cute!!! Love the Mc Donalds theme and his speech was wonderful!

  2. Yeah, Kade! I loved his speech-he is such a performer. Kade is such a great example for his peers. Lyndon is already hoping for the opportunity to serve next year-we may need advice from Kade, as his campaign manager.:-)