Friday, October 7, 2011

Summer Trip 2011

This summer we took off towards Galveston, because the boys wanted to go to the beach.  My mom and dad, Pa-Paw and Babers, went with us too.  On our way we stopped in Schulbenburg to attend a family reunion with Mama Chris and Dennis.  It was a lot of fun meeting up with Mama Chris' family.  Here are some pics of our trip and a video Kade wanted me to put together.


We went to the famous Sengelmann's Hall

Mama Chris and Kade dancing

The family reunion was held at a church gathering hall.  I loved this sign in the hall (it was a Catholic church!).

Here are some pics of the church.  This one is called High Hill and is on the painted church tour.

Galveston - Night #1

My dad vacationed in Galveston almost every summer as a child.  He had not been back in 20+ years though, and wanted to eat at Gaido's, a restaurant he loved as a kid.

I think he is eating dessert here!

After your meal, the waitress brings you a dish to wash your fingers off.  The boys loved this!

Galveston - Day #1 Headed to the Beach

We stayed at The Hilton, which was practically next door to The Rainforest Cafe.  We ran in the cafe real quick on day #1 to see about reservations for that night.  The boys stopped for some pics on the cute barstools.

Feeding the seagulls.  Layton is headed for safety!

Clint and Layton buried Kade and made him into a merman.  You have to really look to see his tail.

Kade boogie boarding.  He loved catching the waves!

Night #2

We caught the train and headed to The Rainforest Cafe

The Rainforest Cafe has a SHORT ride you can enjoy while you wait a LONG time on your table.  Here is Layton waiting to get in the boat.

All the animals come "alive" every 15 minutes.  Really neat!

At night the volcano on top of the restaurant erupts every few minutes.

A clown in the restaurant made Layton a balloon sword.  He is chasing Clint with it.

Love it!  Kade is mad because we didn't rent a family bicycle to ride.

 Mad kid!

Happy kid!

To make up for no bike, we went crab hunting that night.  

Here is a crab we found.

Day #3
We went to eat at Willie G's because it was recommended by the locals and in several travel magazines.  It was pretty fancy and honestly, wasn't the best.

After lunch we went to an army surplus store that is famous worldwide.

Trying them on.

 Next, Dad wanted to go see the hotel that he stayed at as a kid, The Hotel Galvez.  It was beautiful.  There were actually several brides planning weddings the day we were there!

Day #2 - Back to the beach.  I was the only one who wanted to go back with the boys.  Everyone else roasted from the six hour day before in the sun!  The boys made a boat in this picture.

Night #3
We went to Kemah to the Boardwalk.  

Bye, Bye crab and Bye, Bye Galveston.  We had a great time.

Mr. Crab in his shell.


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