Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Spurs

Kade played Little Dribbler's Basketball again this past school year (February & March 2013).  He was on the Spurs and was blessed with an outstanding coach.....his mother.  Ha!  Ha!  They didn't have enough coaches so I was asked to coach his 5th & 6th grade boys team.  It was very challenging, but we had a good season and everyone improved tremendously!  Being the coach, I didn't get any pictures at all.  Plus, Kade had a really bad case of the flu and had to miss two of the six games.  A friend, did snap this one and tagged me on FB.

Kade is an excellent defensive player and I look forward to seeing him continue with basketball in junior high and high school.  Kade is in the black, #20.

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