Monday, February 16, 2009

Kade Lost His First Tooth

Kade lost his very first tooth on Tuesday, February 10. It had been loose for several days, but he would not let anyone pull it. Finally, Tuesday morning (after it had turned black from being so loose) he asked if I would pull it. I yanked several times and nothing happened. You can only imagine the screaming and yelling going on in our house that morning. After my failed attempts I took him to the school nurse and had her pull it. She had to go at it twice, in order to pull it out. It had a very very long root system, which was the problem. The tooth right beside it was loose, too, but he wouldn't let her pull it. As of today, it is still in there. I guess he will let it turn black before it comes out, too! He actually didn't think the experience was that bad, after it was all said and done. I sent him a little box of candy and a sweet card to school that day, plus the Tooth Fairy brought him $5. He was so worried she wouldn't "buy" the tooth, because it was black!

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