Friday, February 27, 2009

The White Hair Pa-Paw's B-Day

This past Friday (2/20) we celebrated my grandfather's 81st birthday. We had chicken and cake--yummy! Layton sat in Pa-Paw's lap when we sang Happy Birthday. He thought we were singing to him--he was grinning from ear to ear and looking around at all of us--it was too cute! For Pa-Paw's gift we each got him a card and filled it with scratch-off Texas Lottery tickets. He can't see that well, so he had Kade and I scratch all of his cards for him. Kade had never played the lotto, so he had a blast and caught on to all the games quickly. I would try to read the instructions & he would let me know quickly to "JUST SCRATCH." He claimed he already knew how to play. I think we only won Pa-Paw $4, out of about $25 in tickets.

The boys call my grandfather "The White Hair Pa-Paw." I think you can figure out why!

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