Saturday, February 7, 2009

PIPs - Players In Progress

Kade is participating for the first year in PIPs. It is a wonderful basketball program that teaches basic skills and helps tremendously with eye-hand coordination. The students practice through October-November one day a week on a routine. The routine is set to music and the students have certain spots they go to and perform a skill. They know when to move by listening for a whistle. The kids perform during half-time of the Varsity basketball games. They will have six performances this year, so not too many. Plus, Kade is so lucky, because his coach is his mother! This is my third year to coach PIPs and I really enjoy it. Coming up with the routine is the hardest part. I try to be very creative each year, but my brain doesn't tick too fast these days! The age range for PIPs is from Kindergarten to 6th grade, so we have children of all levels on the floor--it is so fun to watch how the students grow each year, in regards to their b-ball abilities. I have 27 kids this year, which is an average number. Eleven of the 27 are new to PIPs, so our performances are very low-key.

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