Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch & Kitty Headstone

This past weekend we had our 2nd annual First Presbyterian Pumpkin Patch at our church.  It is a lot of fun, but wears you out!  My body feels like I took a beating from handling all those pumpkins.  They range from 18-30 pounds each and we had about 250 of them.  So, on Sunday we just lounged around after church and tried to rest up.  Layton was sick with strep throat all weekend and is still recovering, so he missed out on the actual pumpkin patch. 

On Friday, Clint, the boys and I went to Floydada to pick up the pumpkins and while we were there Clint snapped a few pictures of the boys.

Kade was a big help on Saturday.  I hated that Layton missed it, but he felt terrible.

Well, we have two kittens left.  It hasn't taken our dogs long to go through this bunch.  I just hate it, but I guess that is part of having dogs.  One of our dogs actually killed a kitten right in front of the boys on Saturday afternoon while they were playing at the barn.  The boys handled it well, though, and carried it up to the house where I was spreading weed & feed on the lawn.  I talked to them about the ordeal and the next thing I knew they came and got me again to show me the headstone they made after burying the kitten in my flower bed.

Sony (it is pronounced Sunny)
The cat that we all loved.
Color Yellow


  1. Did you get the pumpkins from Assiter 'Punkin' Ranch? After buying pumpkins from the 2nd annual First Presbyterian Pumpkin Patch and seeing how much fun Lyndon had picking them out and spreading them out around the house I decided to take him to a pumpkin patch. We always visited one locally (since closed) as young children and had a blast. I researched several this past weekend and decided on Assister 'Punkin' Ranch in Floydada. Cody and I have plans to take Lyndon this Saturday. After looking at your pictures I just know it must be the same place. Is it as neat as it appears online?
    I guess you can't have kittens and we can't have guineas. Our dog only bothered kittens when she was a young puppy-she cuddles most of them now. Maybe there is hope for you dogs or better yet your kittens. The headstone your boys made is precious and shows how caring and sweet they are.
    Hope you find some cheap candy for Halloween-I do the same thing with the old fashioned Christmas candy.

  2. Oh' how sad! I'm so not a country girl... I would not have known what to do! Of course, I grew up riding horses, showing animals, etc. and both my sisters pretty much married cowboys, but I just like going to Target and having neighbors! Ha!

    Cute pumpkin patch pictures! I love pumpkin patches!

  3. Cute pictures!! I wondered what was going on at yall's church. Now I know!! So sweet the way your boys memorialized their kitty.

  4. I love the pumpkin patch at Floydada!! I have found the best pumpkins there. We went to the one in Etter last week. So much fun!