Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Butterflies & Kittens

On Sunday the boys, Clint and I rode the Ranger down into our bottom field to check on the wheat Clint planted last week.  We ended up riding on into the pasture and drove through a grove of trees.  When we entered the grove, butterflies came from everywhere and formed the most beautiful ceiling at the top of the trees!  We had a quick science lesson on monarchs, the false monarchs and why all of the butterflies are flying south.  Kade informed me that he already knew all this, thanks to television, I'm sure!  (It really is more than likely due to his 2nd grade teacher, but that kid picks up so much from TV!--Thank you Mrs. M--Kade loves your class and comes home with all kinds of new knowledge everyday)

I didn't have a camera on Sunday, so the boys and I went back yesterday (Tue.) to see if the butterflies were still there.  The number had dropped drastically, but there were still a considerable amount.

You can see the butterflies resting on a tree limb.

Some type of butterfly.  Or is it a moth?  It had a huge body!

Some friends gave us five kittens to keep at the horse barn.  The boys have fallen in love with them, though, and will more than likely turn them into yard cats before long.  It is so funny to watch the boys play with them.  Kade tries to be quiet and sneak up on them, so that he can catch them (they are not 100% tame), but he never can.  Layton charges at them making every noise possible and will just tackle them.  He can catch every single one of them!  They are probably freezing like a statue, because they see that crazy kid coming their way!

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