Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I found this really neat site today that allows you to make word clouds.  You can enter the words you want in your word cloud or you can use a blog, web site, etc. and it will create you a word cloud based on the text/tags found at that site.  Once the word cloud has been created you can change the layout, the font, the color and can even remove terms.  You can then print your creation or it will assign you a URL so others can view it.  I wanted to enlarge some words, like Kade's name, but couldn't figure out how to.  I may have to go back and play with it a little more.


My Wordle looks kind of like an Easter egg!  It was fun to make.  It is slightly blurry here, but if you click on it, you will be taken to wordle's site.  You can, of course, also add them as a gadget to your side bar.
Wordle: blog wordle


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I love your new blog background. Very cute.
    I LOVE Wordle! Isn't it so much fun? I used it with a couple of my classes last Spring for a test review. We'd just finished reading The Great Gatsby and we used Wordle to put our thoughts together. My computer is linked to an overhead projector and I would just type in words as the kids called out what they remembered about the novel. They loved seeing how Wordle put them all together.

  2. Very neat-I have heard of Wordle, but never played with it. I will have to explore it.