Saturday, August 22, 2009

Layton's 3rd Birthday

Layton turned 3 on August 15, the day after Clint and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We can not believe how quickly time has passed and the healthy little boy he is. We still remember the doctors telling us on June 13, 2006 that something was not right with the little boy we were expecting. We made weekly trips to Ft. Worth to see specialists for both myself and then for Layton once he was born. In the end, however, everything turned out just fine. He did have to undergo surgery when he was two days old at Cook Children's Hospital to remove a mass in his abdomen, but everything has been smooth sailing since.

Layton wanted a Diego birthday party, so that is what he got, of course. His birthday was on a Saturday this year, but we had his actual family party on the Thursday before. On the day of his birthday, Clint and I went away for our anniversary, so my mom and sister took Kade and Layton to Castaway Cove in Wichita Falls. They had a blast! Kade even won two tickets for admission that have to be used before Sept. 7, so it looks like we may be going again next weekend.

Layton is the funniest little toot and we look forward to watching him grow up. He has a funny new saying or gesture everyday that keeps us in stitches. Right now we are calling him "El Destructo" because he breaks everything he touches. Clint swears that he could destroy an anvil, if we gave him the chance! He also insists on wearing pants and a belt with a rodeo buckle each day--just like his daddy. Layton we love you!

2006-Layton was a few days old in this picture.

2009- Layton's expression is too funny! He was so excited about his party and his cake. He kept telling me to "Fire" his cake up (put candles on it). The weeks leading up to his party I would ask him what he wanted for a gift and he would say just a cake.

Some of our family at the party.

Castaway Cove


  1. Wow! I didn't realized you thought something was wrong! That's why I never had an amnio done b/c I knew if it came back positive I would freak out, but it wouldn't change a thing... I would still love that baby just as much! I'm glad Layton is a healthy 3 year old and had a great birthday! I hope your first week back at school wasn't too hectic! The first week is always so tiring... at least it was for me and I only worked 2 days! :)

  2. I LOVE the picture of him in front of his Diego cake! He is the funniest little man I know!