Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stick Horse Rodeo

Layton participated in a stick horse barrel race at the Texas Ranch Roundup in Wichita Falls on Friday, August 14. I was shopping in the exhibits, so sadly missed the entire thing. I honestly didn't think Clint would take him to do it, but he did. Layton received a t-shirt and a stick horse all for $8! Clint said that Layton's age group only had to run around one barrel and then back to the finish line. He said that Layton's boot came off during his run, however, and completely threw him for a loop. He stopped, turned around, looked at Clint and gave him a questioning look like, "What do I do now?". Clint told him to go on and finish, so he did. He didn't make it to the finals, though. However, as you can tell he is so proud of his "rodeo" t-shirt and his stick horse, which he has already broke (El Destructo).


  1. How precious! I love his pose in the last photo. .....such a little cowboy!

  2. Too cute!

    YES, we know the Fryars! I'm not sure if Matt played Jason's Sr. year or not, but when Jason went back to GA and get his Master's, he coached Matt. Matt is the DC at Angelo State now. Their blog is on my blog list, so you'll have to check them out!