Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Six Flags

On Sunday, August 9th the boys went to Six Flags with my sister, Skye, and her boyfriend, Tyler. Kade had earned a free admission ticket through a reading program, Layton got in free because he was two, and I had two free adult admission tickets from the same reading program, so it didn't cost them anything to get in. They stayed for about four hours while I went back-to-school shopping at a nearby mall. The boys had a blast. Kade even rode The Titan with Tyler! The big laugh was that Layton got in trouble for not wanting to get off the rides and for biting Kade (the attendant got onto him, not my sister!). Kade tells the story really well! The attendant, a lady, told Layton in a sweet voice the first time, but when he didn't obey, Kade said her voice dropped and he could have swore it was a man!

I didn't send my camera with Skye, so she just had pictures from her phone.

Kade, Layton and Tyler on a Mini-Superman type Ride

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