Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick Trip to Ruidoso

This past weekend (July 30-Aug. 2) we made a quick trip to Ruidoso. It was the boys and my very first trip to Ruidoso. Clint has been several times, but it has been awhile. Another couple, who have kids our age, also went. We had a fabulous time! I could not get over how nice the weather was. I'm already looking forward to another visit, hopefully soon.

We drove up late Thursday evening and crashed when we got there at 12:30 in the morning. On Friday we got up and went hiking. We drove, I bet 20 minutes, up a mountain and then hiked in the National Forest on one of their designated trails. The scenery was breathtaking! Friday afternoon we took the kids to an entertainment spot that offered bumper boats, go-kart racing, rock wall climbing, etc. They, of course, loved it. We also played in a little creek that afternoon--the water was absolutely freezing, but the kiddos had fun.

On Saturday we went to the live horse races at Ruidoso Downs. What an experience--everyone had a great time. I waited until the 6th race to place my very first bet. I'm the nerdy type, so I studied the program and then placed a quinella bet on two horses. Clint didn't think that was too bright, but boy I showed him. The two horses I picked came in 1st and 2nd and I made a $21 profit off of a $2 bet. Yeah! We stayed at the races most of the day, so once we left there we went to eat and then back to the cabin to lounge in the hot tub.

We drove home on Sunday afternoon. In Roswell we stopped and toured the UFO Research Center Museum. It was very interesting! They even let our dog, Ace, take the tour, and they gave him a free alien dog toy.

We all had a great time. I can't believe school starts in two weeks. We have two more mini-vacations planned, so the weeks will fly by!


I love this pic I took of Kade. He didn't know I was taking it.

Entertainment Spot:

Kade had to climb the rock wall barefoot, because he had flip flops on and it was easier with no shoes. He said it really hurt his feet.

Layton loved the go-karts and would have ridden the entire time had he not fallen asleep the second time he and Clint rode them. I can still hear/see him laughing and smiling the entire ride. He loved it!

Ruidoso Downs:

We promised the kids we would take them bowling on Saturday evening, but when the time came around we were worn smooth out. So, my friend came up with potato bowling using water bottles. The kids loved it! It is a lot harder than it looks!
Deer would come within feet of the door to the cabin.
UFO Research Museum in Roswell:

We laughed about this picture! I said people will think we made Layton look as if he was blind, so that Ace could get in as a seeing-eye dog. I promise we didn't!
Ace was going to town on his free toy!

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  1. How fun! The quick trips are the best to me. Glad you had fun.