Friday, September 17, 2010

Kade's Catches!

This past weekend Kade had a friend over and all the boys (Kade, friend and Layton) played in our creek crossing.  They caught at least 50 minnows, some Chirp and either a small Catfish or a Pollywog.  We released all of the fish in a tank by our house.

Kade had to put his Catfish/Pollywog in a jar for a little bit.  The fish's fins cut Kade when he was trying to capture it.  He felt like a true fisherman!

We didn't get around to releasing the fish in our tank until it was almost dark.  Here you can see Clint, the boys and Ace.

On Sunday, Kade helped Layton dress up in a wild costume.  Kade said he had caught a Dinobearbull!

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  1. You're comments are always way too sweet!!!!! I feel the exact same way about you! You are always so good to let your boys be boys and express themselves-this post is proof of that. Have a great week.