Sunday, September 19, 2010

Layton Goes to Preschool

Layton began his second year of preschool on Sept. 13.  He only went a 1/2 year last year, so this will be his first complete year.  He was so excited to be going and had a blast that first day.  He colored a red apple.  Layton, your daddy and I love you so much and can't wait to see the many things you learn this year!


  1. What a cutie in his boots! I hope he has a great school year!!

  2. Is it possible for Mr. Layton to look this big? He is growing up to be a fine gentleman, just like his older brother.

  3. Sunday,
    I did go with another Mac. I compared it to a PC and it was amazing how close in $ they were and I thought the advantages of the Mac operating system out weighed the few hundred dollars. For bookkeeping I went with the Mac version of Quickbooks. I could have purchased Quicken for Mac's for much less however, printing checks isn't a feature. I print all of our farm checks so I stuck with QB. I was able to transfer all of my QB files to my Mac which was fabulous!!!!! Thus far I have been very pleased and haven't regretted my discussion. Have a great rest of the week!