Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cousin Camp 2013

This summer Mama Chris brought one of the Hs to our neck of the woods for Cousin Camp 2013.  The other H spent the first few weeks of her summer vacation in Germany.  We missed her terribly!

The first day of "camp" we traveled to Lawton, Oklahoma, and learned all about the Native Americans who once lived in this area.  First, we went to the Museum of the Great Plains.  There were some really neat exhibits for the boys to learn from.

This was an oversized Lite-Brite!

Then we went to....

Fort Sill was next, which is where Quanah Parker is buried.  This is the grave of Prairie Flower, sister of Quanah Parker.

Cynthia Ann Parker's grave

Quanah Parker's grave

This tomb belongs to a chief in the Kiowa tribe.

We then traveled to an old cemetery on the outskirts of Fort Sill and saw Geronimo's grave.

Day 2 of Cousin Camp took us all the way to Arlington.  We attended a Texas Rangers game.

On Day 3 we went and visited the Ft. Worth Zoo.

Getting to see H & H is always so much fun for the boys.  Thanks, Mama Chris, for making this a tradition the boys will remember forever.

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