Thursday, October 31, 2013

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - Day 2

We were, of course, up and ready to explore all over on Day 2.  We began the day pool hopping - there were several to choose from, including a wave pool, a lazy river and a water playground.  Several ice cream parlor stops were made each day, too.  The ice cream was delicious!  Skye and the boys also painted some pottery pieces on Day 2 before we headed out on a snorkel adventure.

The wind blew enough our entire trip that most days the beaches had red flags out warning of rough waves, etc.  So, the water was not really ideal for snorkeling, but it's so neat to see all of the beautiful fish and plants, that we didn't want the boys to miss out on it.  They loved it and had a wonderful time.  Layton actually was so good at it that he stayed beside the guide the entire time and never missed a beat! 

Skye, Harley & Babers

Sunday, Layton Kade & Clint

Layton & Skye






Sunday - It's just amazing swimming amongst all the fish.

 Clint - Love the plants.

 Layton - He may just be a scuba instructor one day!

 Kade pointing out something of interest to Babers.

 A neat water ring the photographer on the snorkel adventure would blow.

We decided to visit the famous 5th Avenue the evening of Day 2.  This is just a strip of town that sells all of your tourist items and has cute little monkeys!

The resort had several restaurants to choose from each evening, so it was fun to dress up and then go out to eat.  The restaurants had beautiful displays of food!  Layton, aka Batman, was super hyper this particular evening and had everyone laughing and having a good time.

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