Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday, Kade!

Kade turned 8 years old on March 20. We celebrated with his very first official friend birthday party on Sunday, March 21. We went for a "winter" theme, since we have had so much snow here this year, so we took him, plus several friends and family ice skating in WF. They all had a wonderful time and he received a lot of great gifts!

Party Table

Snowmen Cupcakes.  The kids loved the candy decorations!  Layton liked it so much he would just eat that part, plus the icing and leave the cake part.

Kade & Layton on the ice.

Most of them started off ice skating this way--hugging the wall!


All of the kiddos in the penalty box.  Some are trying to act all bad!

Layton dressed as Spiderman the first part of the party--that kid has some imagination.  He is currently not Layton, he is Peter Parker.  Clint is holding him and Skye is skating beside him.

Tyler was really good at skating, so he skated with Layton a lot.

Clint made one round with ice skates on--hugging the wall, as you can tell!

I can't believe Kade is 8!

Everyone enjoying the break and their cupcakes.

I didn't get any pictures with my still camera of Kade opening gifts, but he got some cool ones!  Thanks everyone for attending and giving/sending a gift.


  1. How fun! Everything looks adorable, Miss Creativity! I have to agree with Layton on the 'correct' way to eat a cupcake!-Who needs the cake when there are yummier parts! Happy Birthday, Kade!

  2. Love the picture of Clint hugging the wall!! Had a good laugh! Happy Birthday Kade!