Monday, March 15, 2010

Keystone Ski Resort Day 3

Today's weather was absolutely beautiful--the kind of weather that makes snow skiing so much fun. This morning Clint, Skye and Kade went out while Layton, Kassie and I ran to town and did a few things. Then I went back skiing with Kade at lunch and Clint, Skye and Anna met up with us about 2:00. We all had a lot of fun skiing--the youngsters had Clint and I going through the trees, trying jumps and other stupid stuff we don't need to be doing! Kassie was sweet enough to keep Layton for me. She took him to play on a little kiddie area they have here and even bought him ice cream. He had a lot of fun.

Kade wanted to ride the "magic carpet" in this tunnel, so I let him. I rode it too and I have to admit, it was fun!
Kade gettin' brave!
Here at Keystone there are Adventure Zones for the kids. This was one of the adventures--you went through this wooden tunnel. I tried to get a picture of the tunnel's name. It was "Lone Mine."
Clint, Skye, Anna & Kade stopped midway through the tunnel, so that I could get their picture.
Clint, Sunday & Kade
Kade, Anna & Skye

Here is the play center where Layton played.
Layton cheesin'

Another video of Kade skiing down the mountain at the end of the day. (if you receive this post notice through email, you will need to go to my actual blog to play the video)


  1. Wow, Kade is quite the skier!

  2. Jealous! We haven't been skiing since we've had kids!!