Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keystone Ski Resort Day 1

We arrived in Keystone, Colorado, this afternoon around 3 p.m.  We rented our skis, got night lift tickets and headed to the slopes.  Keystone is famous for their night skiing--you can ski until 8 p.m. Wed-Sat.  Clint, Skye, Kade and Kassie (a friend of Skye's) headed for the big boy slopes, while Layton and I went to the magic carpet and practiced.  Layton is having a lot of trouble, because he can't keep his skis together while snow plowing, so we are going to try to find a band in the morning that will keep them together.  He just kept telling me, "Let's just ski, I don't want to practice!"  I kept telling him to make a pizza so that he could learn to stop.  By the time we finished an hour later he told me he didn't even like pizza!  He did really good, except for the stopping.

I didn't get any pictures of anyone else.  They were all still skiing when Layton and I finished up.  Kassie ended up getting hurt and breaking her wrist, so Layton and I spent some time with her in the Medical Center.

Tune in tomorrow for more.....

Layton resting after a hard hour's work!

Night skiing at Keystone

Kassie and Keystone Paramedic

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  1. How fun-except for the wrist part! We are in Red River and having a blast. Have fun and be careful!