Wednesday, March 3, 2010

K & L Funnies

I love it when moms post funny things that their kids say.  I want to start doing this, so that we can look back on them when they're little and laugh.

Last night Clint and I were watching The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  The movie is about The Holocaust.  Kade watched a little bit of it with us before he fell asleep (he did not see any of the sad stuff).  However, before he fell asleep one of the scenes showed a concentration/work camp.  He asked us, "Is that a focus camp?".

I don't mean to make fun at all, because The Holocaust is such a sad event in our world's history.  I would have never thought to mix up focus with concentration, though.

Layton usually spends one night during the week with my parents.  My mom keeps him one day a week and if he stays the night with her she doesn't have to make the 30 minute trip to town early in the morning.  So, last week my dad was eating some sardines for supper (he claims that they are good for preventing Alzheimer's, dementia, etc.).  Layton was completely shocked and told Pa-Paw that he was eating cat and dolphin food.  We have laughed and laughed about this!

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  1. Kids amaze me! Kade had to be using higher level thinking to make such a connection. My dad loves sardines with Saltine crackers as well. They are suppose to be very healthy, but I just can't stomach the thought. I am still giggling over Layton's comment. I am sure to a kid it must be quite obvious that they shouldn't be 'people food' they even come in a metal can!