Saturday, March 20, 2010

Keystone Ski Resort Day 4

We packed so many activities in Day 4, our last day, that it may take you awhile to get through this post!

Clint, Kade and Skye started the morning off skiing. I decided not to ski, so Layton and I took my skis back. Around 10:30 Kassie, Layton and myself went on a Geo Cache Treasure Hunt. There was an activity office in the ski village that would give you the coordinates to three treasures. So, we headed out with Clint's GPS Garmin looking for treasure. It was a beautiful day for walking, so that part was great. It was a little harder than we thought it would be to find the treasure, though. We stopped after the first pair of coordinates. We think we found the treasure, but were not completely sure. The funniest thing, though, is on our way back to the walking trail we cut through the snow and Layton found a real treasure box buried in the snow under a tree--nothing was in it and it was no where near the one we were looking for.
What a beautiful walking trail!

Layton reading our "treasure map"--upside down!

Our find. You have to look close, but there are two wind chimes and two dog collars. We either found the treasure or the burial site of two little puppy dogs!

The skiers came in for lunch, so after a quick bite I took Kade and Layton back down into the village so that they could make some cool crafts (there was a huge, heated tent set up with activities for kids). The boys made a bracelet that changes colors in the sun, a shamrock and a tube of snow (really cool!).

Color changing bracelets.

Layton and his shamrock. He looks like a little leprechaun.

Kade making snow.

Layton making snow.

After lunch the skiers went back up on the mountain and skied a few more hours. Kassie, Layton and myself met them around 4:00, so that the boys could play on a snow fort that was constructed at the top of the mountain. It was really neat! There was also a movie being filmed at the top, so we saw some movie stars (Clint was the only one who knew who they were--shows he watches way too much television!). The movie will be out this Christmas and is called something like "The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation". Supposedly it is a sequel to one that was out this last holiday called something like "The Dog Who Saved Christmas."

Layton at the entrance of the snow fort.

Kade on top of one of the towers.

Layton on top of a tower.

Layton played and played and then cried himself to sleep, because his feet were cold. Don't worry, I warmed his feet up and wrapped his lower half up in a blanket.

This is one of the movie stars. His name is Dean Cain. He played Superman in the t.v. series.

We ended the day by going tubing at the top of the mountain. Skye, Kade and myself were the only ones who could do it (Kassie couldn't b/c of her wrist, Layton was not tall enough, and Clint watched Layton for me). We had a blast! I don't know how fast we would get going, but I'm guessing around 60 mph.

Here goes Skye....

Coming back up the "magic carpet".

Here goes Kade...

Clint & Layton chillin'

Sunday & Kade

Skye & Kassie


Here is a video of us tubing. (If you received this post via email, you will probably need to visit our actual blog to play it.)

We had a wonderful Spring Break vacation and are already looking forward to next year.

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