Monday, October 18, 2010

Kade's Reading Award

Kade's elementary school had their 1st Six Weeks Academic Pep Rally this past week.  Kade is in the 3rd grade this year and is doing a great job.  In 3rd grade they give a departmental award each six weeks for a student who is working hard and always improving.  Kade was the recipient of the Reading department award.  The teacher that announced it also added that he is extremely knowledgable about books, probably thanks to his mother (thanks, Mrs. L).  I hope he doesn't bother you with what I suggest for him and all the books we talk about and read at home (for those that read this blog and don't know it, I'm the librarian at the jr. high and high school in our town--quite the book nerd!).  He also received trinkets for being on the A-Honor Roll and for having Perfect Attendance the first six weeks.  Keep up the good work Kade!

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  1. I missed not having him in my class. Such a sweet boy. Congratulations to you both.