Sunday, October 10, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Kitchen

This past week at Kelly's Korner you were asked to show your kitchen.  The boys and I spend almost all of our time in the kitchen after school.  I am blessed with a large kitchen. It is a long, rectangular shaped kitchen with LOTS of cabinet space.  The cabinets are 30+ years old, but are in excellent condition.  I would love to have dark stained cabinets, but I don't even have it in me to tackle that.

Most all people who come to our house enter through the kitchen.  So, here is the door they enter underneath our porch in the backyard.

Here is the "big picture".

This is the view you see when you first walk in the kitchen.  I usually use this desk as an office type area, but am using it for Halloween decorations right now.

One section of countertop.  I have a digital picture frame on this section. 

Here is another section, that I have a Halloween pumpkin sitting on.

Another section of counter space.  Notice the white oven/stove.  I've slowly switched out my appliances to black, but I still have this appliance left.  I also want to change my sink out--it is almond colored right now.

We have a nook in our kitchen that at one time had a cafe style booth.  It was so narrow, though!  So, we took out the booth seating and replaced it with chairs.  I tiled the countertop and now this is where my boys hang out when they are in the kitchen.  Plus, the table holds our tv.  Who could cook all those meals without a tv in the kitchen?!

Close up of the tabletop.  I love the look at Chili's, so that's where I got the inspiration from.

This is the view from the tabletop.  You can see all the say down into the wheat field, which sometimes has wildlife in it.  This is actually our front porch.

I am starting to collect plates to hang above my cabinets.  These plates belonged to my great-grandmother and Clint's grandmother.

I painted a saying above my cabinets.  It says "Home is Where Your Story Begins."

My canisters--I love color, if you can't tell!  Clint tiled our backsplash.  My countertops are laminate, but have the granite look.  I had burnt orange counters and just had to get rid of them.  I really wish I would have saved my money a little longer and installed real granite.

We had this island custom built to fit the empty space, plus we prefer to sit at a bar type area, than a table.  The red you see is old ceiling tins.

We had four barstools made, too.  They have our cattle and horse brands carved in them.

 This is the area above my sink.  The columns are from the old fireplace mantle that hangs above my bed.   I had to take this picture at night, so you could see it clearly.  The view is great, though.


  1. I love all of the color you have added! You have great taste in decorating-everything looks very inviting. The decorations look great as well. Have a great week!

  2. I love the big cross on the wall!

  3. You are blessed with a lovely kitchen and a lovely porch.
    I love the way you have the space decorating.