Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend with Papa Steve & Kay

Two weekends ago, Clint's dad, Steve, and his wife, Kay, came to visit us.  They could only stay for one night and part of a day, but we had a great visit.  They came down to watch the boys play soccer.

Steve always bring the boys gifts and candy.  This time was no different, plus he brought them a lot of Halloween items that we had lots of fun with.  Here are some pics from that weekend.

Layton and Kay.  Layton is sporting one of the Halloween gifts.

Kay, Layton & Steve posing during Kade's soccer game.


Kade throwing the soccer ball after it went out of bounds.

Kade is the boy in the white shirt.

Layton played goalie for one quarter of his soccer game.  He loved it and was like an animal after the ball!

Layton is in the black shirt.

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