Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy Weekend

Well, it rained almost all day Saturday, so we caught up on a lot of sleep!  Mama Chris and Dennis came down to watch the boys play soccer, but Kade only played a little bit before lightning caused the game to be called.  He was soaking wet.  Layton's game never even started.  I also didn't get any pictures--it rained the entire time, so I didn't get my camera out.

Mama Chris came with Halloween goodies for the boys.  Kade had to put his Harry Potter costume on to show her what he was going to be.

Saturday evening we were treated to gumbo and steak by A, K and B.  That makes two weekends in a row that we get to eat their good food!  Here we are weekend before last at an event in Seymour.

Sunday we got up and finished the goat pen.  Kade is going to show two goats in the county show this year, so we built them a pen and went to pick them up all in the same day.  He has a boy and a girl, so he named them Mickey & Minnie.  Of course, Layton thinks one of them is his.

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