Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Family Pictures 2009

My aunt's sister, JJ Barrington, took our family pictures this year.  I wanted some really fun ones, so that I could blow them up poster size and hang in my stairwell.  So, most of them are unique and not your normal, "pose, cheese".  We had a wonderful time and even got some good ones to make a cute Christmas card out of, which is basically my new header.  The wind was really blowing the Sunday we took the pictures, but I'm still very pleased and can't wait until we do it again.  Also, some of you are getting these for Christmas, but I guess it will be a surprise as to which ones you get!

1 comment:

  1. Those are all so ADORABLE!!! I must say my favorite is with you all by the water and Layton is laying on Kade-everyone looks so happy. I am in the process of getting a booking with JJ and I am very excited. After seeing how great all of your photos are I wish we were shooting tomorrow!! You have such handsome boys and you all make a very cute family!