Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat 2009

We had a very busy Halloween Saturday.  Kade dressed up as the ghost figure from the movie "Scream" and Layton dressed up as Spiderman.  After lunch on Saturday we went to visit the great-grandparents.  The white-haired Pa-Paw met us at Dairy Queen and treated us to ice cream and sodas.  We then went to Nede's house and made chocolate/butterscotch fudge.

We arrived back at home just in time to Trick-or-Treat in town and then attend a carnival that was being held for the first time.  It was a huge success, in my opinion, and I hope they make it a yearly event.  Everything was free!  I had told Kade earlier in the week that they were having a cake walk.  He had never seen one, so that was the first thing he did when we got there.  He won a chocolate cake on his second try!  He was very excited, as were the rest of us chocolate lovers.

Spiderman and Scream - Layton assured me many times throughout the day that Spiderman rescues people and doesn't hurt them.  Too cute!

Making fudge with Nede.

Layton taking a nap on his balloon.  He was exhausted, but never cranky (b/c it was Halloween)!

Layton playing a ring game at the carnival.  He was too funny, because he made sure each ring was neatly on top of the stand (a little OCDC in his future?).

Kade having his palm read by a fortune teller at the carnival.  Very cute!

Kade was amazed by everything the fortune teller told him.  She said that he would have three sons and that he was very strong-willed.  Once she was done, he told her that he did not know all that about himself!

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  1. I love carnivals... even better when they're free! :) Love the costumes!