Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gifts from Germany

I have made a friend via Ebay.  That totally makes me sound like I am addicted to Ebay, but I'm really not.  I do sell a lot on there, but hardly ever buy anything anymore.  My latest items I've sold are Old Gringo boots for my sister, which apparently a lot of people are looking for, because they sell like hot cakes.  Anyway, I have sold several pair to a nice woman in Germany.  Her name is Regina and we have struck up a friendship via email and Ebay.  Well, yesterday the boys and I received a huge package in the mail from her.  She had checked out my blog, which I'm glad she did, and figured the boys' sizes out. She then sent them clothes, bags, pencils, chocolate and cookies.  They were so excited!  I can't believe she sent all that to us, not only paying the prices to buy it, but also paying to ship it to the USA (about $30 USD).  Regina's English is very good, but I do plan to have a German exchange student help me read some parts of the letter she sent us.  There are a few words that I assume are hard to translate into English.  Hope she isn't expecting a letter back from me in German!

Regina, if you read this thank you again for your kindness.  I do hope that we can meet one day in person and I can thank you face to face.

All of this from Germany!  Regina even had everything wrapped in really cute cellophane.

Regina sent Kade this really cute jacket.  It has an inside pocket for a cell phone, which he thinks is really cool (No, he doesn't have a phone!).

I love this milk chocolate candy that is shaped and wrapped like ladybugs (Layton's nickname is Ladybug).

Each of the boys received these cute SpongeBob pens.


  1. Hello, I'm glad to see, that the packet to be well received you after 1 month (!) and I'm happy that it was a surprice for all. And Kade looks like very cool with this, hope Jeans and Shirt for Laughton is also ok ? This was my first packet in the USA - anyway a experience and so I will say Thanks to Sunday, that she send me so very cute Old Gringo Boots.
    I'm looking forward to the next ....
    Your friend, Gina

  2. How sweet of her! My over seas ebayers are always really nice as well-but they never send me gifts! :)