Sunday, January 4, 2009


Kade and Layton received a four-wheeler for Christmas and have ridden it everyday possible. Kade even told me the other day to not be jealous, but he loves his four-wheeler. I guess he was kindly telling me he loved it possibly more than me! It is a great baby-sitter, too. Layton went to sleep riding in front of Kade the other day!

On Saturday, January 3, Kade had a friend over to ride four-wheelers. The friend, Carson, brought his four-wheeler and I rode Clint's big one and we went exploring. We rode through the pasture and then along the river behind the house. We found a few low spots and the boys jumped off the bank and played in the river sand. A good time was had by all. You'll notice Ace, our Jack Russell Terrier, in between the four-wheelers. He loves the ATV as much as the boys!

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