Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow (really Ice) Day!

School was cancelled on Tuesday, Jan. 27th and we started late the next day, the 28th. I cleaned house all day and then did a lampshade project that I've been putting off. Tuesday was Clint's birthday, so he got to spend it with all of us! We baked him a Paula Deen strawberry cake (from scratch!) and gave him Same Kind of Different As Me (audio format). I hope he enjoys the book as much as I did--it is so moving. Kade played on the Internet, watched cartoons and played outside on the ice, a little. Layton is just now starting to enjoy cartoons. He has a cowboy video that he watches all the time, but he found "Charlotte's Web" on Tuesday and has since watched it almost 10 times. It is not even the cartoon version--it has real people & animals. He was so funny when Charlotte wouldn't get up (she was dying). He was yelling at the t.v. "Spider, you hear me, get up!". I was laughing so hard. I've included pictures of my lampshade project, Layton in his cowboy getup, and with his new favorite movie.

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