Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sports-Summer 2008

This summer we allowed Kade to participate in t-ball, tennis lessons and gymnastics lessons.
Clint and I, along with Jason & Molly Stroebel coached Kade's t-ball team. It was a lot of fun! Molly and I have both been elementary teachers, so we were prepared for the rambunctious behavior of five and six year olds. It was hilarious, though, watching Clint and Jason coach a bunch of kiddos. I continuously had to remind Clint that they were little kids and their parents probably didn't want them to hear some of his favorite words!!

The tennis lessons were a lot of fun for Kade, plus they really helped his eye-hand coordination. It took him awhile to learn to not hit the ball so hard each time--I still have this problem when I play! We still are laughing at the way he is holding his left hand in the tennis picture above. He will probably hate me for posting this picture in a few years, but for now it is too funny!

We had to drive to Wichita Falls to participate in the gymnastics lessons. Kade had fun, especially doing back flips on the rope (you can't see this picture to well). We are continuing to take gymnastics, but are splitting a private session with two friends. Kade has come a long way since he is getting one-on-one instruction.

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