Sunday, January 11, 2009

Layton's Wiggle Scooter

A few Christmases ago Kade received one of the scooters that you sit on and wiggle the handlebar back and forth in order to move. Well, Layton has taken it over. He doesn't ride it correctly, however. He rides it by pushing it along with his feet (Fred Flintstone!) and can get to going VERY fast. He can even make it around corners at a high rate of speed! It is hilarious--we videotape him often & have thought about sending it in to America's Funniest Home Videos. Everyone that comes over and happens to see one of his performances just carries on about how funny he is on the wiggle scooter.

Layton has also started this odd quirk of opening all the lower kitchen cabinet doors. We have a small dinette table (the idea of the table is to sit at it with your coffee and look out in the wheat field at either the livestock or wildlife, but "Yeah Right" out our house) that creates a small space when the cabinet doors on either side of it are open. Layton has started parking his scooter in there and even thinks it is where Ace should stay put while Layton is about the house. Ace doesn't like it one bit, but as always cooperates with his little friend, Layton! Usually, after several minutes of whimpering Layton will release Ace. The things he comes up with give us many hard laughs.

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